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11 Apr The Digital Reformation

Historical parallels are always intriguing and fascinating. Edward Higgs, Professor of history at the University of Essex, has published an article in History Today entitled the Digital Reformation in which he highlights some interesting similarities between the 21st century and the early modern period. He...

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14 Feb Speech and Body Language

We have recently launched a new Junior Debating Society and girls have been busy analysing some of the great speeches made throughout history. It is interesting however to note that myths can easily develop in relation to speeches that have been made in recent times....

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27 Dec Christmas Past:1913

The Independent newspaper published a poignant article at the weekend entitled, 'The Gathering Storm'  which focused at the very start of the article on 6 young men who would perish in the 1914-1918 war. Wilfred Owen spent a lonely Christmas teaching in Bordeaux.  Raymond Asquith spent Christmas...

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30 Nov Coding

There can be no doubting the fact that in the global market there is a real demand for individuals with coding skills. At KEHS, we now have a coding course which we offer to all girls in year 7. However, it is an area that...

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27 Jul High Profile

Towards the end of the summer term we were able to publish our Summer 2013 edition of High Profile. Girls in the lower and upper 6th had been working on the design of the magazine for several months, researching articles and sourcing the art work....

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17 Mar History in the News

History is never far from making headlines; newspapers frequently refer to some of the latest academic research being undertaken. Over the weekend 'The Guardian' had as one of its banner headlines, 'Stonehenge remains a mystery as scientists ask: was it a health spa, or a cemetery?.'...

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