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18 Feb 30 years From Now

Headline from the Independent published in February 2016 : Robots 'will make majority of humans unemployed within 30 years' Headline from the Guardian February 2016: Automation may mean a post-work society but we shouldn't be afraid IN 1930, John Maynard Keynes wrote an essay, “Economic Possibilities for...

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28 May A Good Night’s Sleep

The holidays are always a lovely way to catch up on some much needed sleep and rest after a busy few weeks of lesson preparation, teaching, marking, reading and research, not to mention all the meetings taking place with staff and students. The research is...

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30 Dec Christmas and Climate Change

According to a study from Columbia University, which was published in the journal Weather Climate Society, Earth's rising temperatures could make it increasingly hard for planes to take off. If it's too hot, airplanes will have to shed pounds, in the form of passengers and...

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30 Nov Coding

There can be no doubting the fact that in the global market there is a real demand for individuals with coding skills. At KEHS, we now have a coding course which we offer to all girls in year 7. However, it is an area that...

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21 Jan Winter Weather

I really do dislike the snow. However, I did spend a little time this evening researching facts about the weather and snow facts in particular. I discovered a fascinating site by Dr Richard Wild, who apparently wrote his PhD on snow! So here are some...

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26 Feb How Good is your Memory?

Apparently one third of British people under the age of 50 cannot remember their own phone number, according to a study conducted by the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin in 2007. For those who have excellent recall skills there is actually a World Memory...

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