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18 Jul A Window Into the Past

Although my History degree entailed the study of both Medieval and Modern History I was always determined to study a pretty varied range of courses. I particularly enjoyed working with Richard Cust researching:Parliaments and Politics in the 17th Century, but I can also remember being...

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03 Jul Dunsinane

I was fortunate enough to spend Saturday evening at the RSC watching the final night of David Greig's intriguing play Dunsinane. Set in 11th century Scotland the story picks up where Shakespeare's Macbeth ended-it is in effect a modern day sequel to Macbeth. In Greig's...

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28 Jun War And Conflict

This week I listened on the radio to a very moving account of one man's visit to a rarely visited war cemetery in northern Italy. Located in the hills near Asiego are the graves of 712 young British soldiers killed in the later stages of...

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