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The Matriarch: A Story of Survival

23 Dec The Matriarch: A Story of Survival

This is a short film posted on Princeton University’s website about the survival of Jada the matriarch elephant. It is an interesting film to watch over the festive period and informative from a scientific viewpoint. There are also a number of other good wildlife/scientific films to access on the site. One of the films entitled¬†The Lost Boys of Laikipia looks at a project aimed at gaining a better understanding of¬†the wild dogs of Africa.

“The Matriarch follows the life of Jada, an elephant and the matriarch of her family who has survived a brutal poaching attack. Jada’s story is interwoven with a riveting science story about the research being done at Mpala which allows us to see just how important elephants are for the environment and what is at risk if they no longer exist in the wild.”





“In Central Kenya, Professor Rosie Woodroffe runs the Samburu-Laikipia Wild Dog Project in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the African Wild Dog, an endangered species that disappeared from the region in the 1980s but has since returned. What will it take to protect the wild dogs and help them thrive once more?”

Hope you enjoy watching both of these films!


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