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30 Nov Coding

There can be no doubting the fact that in the global market there is a real demand for individuals with coding skills. At KEHS, we now have a coding course which we offer to all girls in year 7. However, it is an area that we are seeking to develop and review over the course of the current academic year. Interesting statistics from an article published in the Telegraph newspaper highlight that girls often rule out careers in the IT world at a very early stage in their education and consequently under 1/5th of women hold positions as IT managers. In my year 7 blogging lesson last week one of the girls decided to write about her own interest in programming and in response to this, I promised to share with her several coding sites published in the article: The Transition from Cursive to Coding. 

I am grateful to Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendant of Burlington High School in the USA for sharing this excellent article.  

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