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Interesting Articles: Real or Fake?

01 Aug Interesting Articles: Real or Fake?

The summer break always provides an opportunity to do a little more research as well as time to catch up on all of the reading which I have been planning to do over the last few months. Hopefully, there is enough of a mix here to keep me going. Click on the links to learn a little more about each book.

  1. New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani
  2. Yellow Birds by Kevin Power
  3. Nod by Adrian Barnes

In terms of articles why not check out-‘Old Soldiers’ in the Economist. 

Edward Wilson, the inventor of the field of sociobiology, once wrote that war is embedded in our very nature. This is a belief commonly held not just by sociobiologists but also by anthropologists and other students of human behaviour. They base it not only on the propensity of modern man to go to war with his neighbours (and, indeed, with people halfway around the world, given the chance) but also on observations of the way those who still live a pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer life behave.

However this article goes on to challenge this assumption based on the latest research by Douglas Fry and Patrik Soderberg of Akademi University in Finland.

There is also a fascinating article from the History Today Magazine, which was published in 1963, focusing on a review of the surnames of 800,000 people in the 1961 telephone directory for London entitled: Surnames of Occupation 

Finally, I came across an interesting site on Twitter called Historical Pictures @HistoricalPics. There are numerous images of key historical events and their impact on ordinary people from around the world. Nevertheless, it was the image above that caught my attention dating from the Second World War.Real or fake-what do you think?

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