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History in the News

17 Mar History in the News

History is never far from making headlines; newspapers frequently refer to some of the latest academic research being undertaken. Over the weekend ‘The Guardian’ had as one of its banner headlines, ‘Stonehenge remains a mystery as scientists ask: was it a health spa, or a cemetery?.‘  A further headline from the weekend of the 16th March focuses on the discovery of a number of skeletons from a plague burial site, ‘Builders unearth Medieval plague victims in City of London square’. Similarly in the Telegraph there are frequent headlines with a historical theme, for example, ‘Richard III: tests on skeleton could ‘rewrite history books’ says leading scientist’ or ‘ The British Museum reunites Roman marble panels split for 2,000 years’. Consider the furore when Hilary Mantel’s words were taken out of context when she delivered her recent Winter Lecture at the British Museum- incidentally the full transcript and the lecture itself which lasts for around an hour can be accessed by clicking this link.

History is at the heart of our culture and there are some fantastic resources uploaded and freely shared on the internet by history teachers who have a passion for learning and a deep love of their subject.

Just as History is constantly in the headlines nationally, we are pleased that History is also making headlines at KEHS as we look forward to Dr Janina Ramirez joining us  for the day on Wednesday 20th March. Her new TV series Chivalry and Betrayal has received excellent reviews: ” her new take on the war integrates cultural, political and military history wonderfully well and uses period artefacts and settings to stunning effect.”  Dr Ramirez will be talking with our girls about her own career and delivering a lecture on ‘Illuminating the Dark Ages’. We are sure that it is going to be a fascinating day!

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