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What does the future look like?

09 Jun What does the future look like?

After the rather disastrous launch of Facebook shares on the stock market perhaps it comes as no real surprise that a hedge fund manager has recently predicted that Facebook will disappear before 2020. Avram Piltch has written a fascinating article entitled:  Current Technologies, ‘My new born Son Won’t use’. According to Piltch,  ‘a surprising number of the gadgets and technologies we have today are on the verge of extinction.’ He includes some interesting items- remote controls, landline phones, desktop computers, hard drives, phone numbers, fax machines and even cinemas.

At the Hay Festival Nicolas Ostler, a leading linguist, even predicted that in the longer term English will die out like Latin. One day English too, the last lingua franca to be of service to a multi-lingual world, will be laid down. Thereafter everyone will speak and write in whatever language they choose and will understand.’  He also claims that half of the world’s languages are so endangered that they will die out by the end of the 21st century. According to Ostler technology will play its part in killing off English as people will be able to translate written documents quickly and use hand-held devices to translate speech in real time.

In May I was fortunate enough to hear Professor Keri Facer speak about education and the need to adapt to a changing world in the 21st century. Keri suggests that schools should be reconceptualised; they should be places where students and teachers should imagine, discuss and start to build the futures that they would like to have. The clip below provides an opportunity to view Keri discussing the future of learning.

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