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Book Gluttony

19 Aug Book Gluttony

There are still a couple of weeks left before the return to school so I am hoping to read at least one or two of the following books (incidentally they are both printed versions rather than Kindle copies!)

The first book on my reading list is The Stillness of the Sea by Nicol Ljubic. I read a brief synopsis in the Independent review section several days ago and was immediately determined to purchase a copy. Rebecca Morrison writes:

It is winter in The Hague. A new trial has opened at the International Crime Tribunal for former Yugoslavia. Zlatko Simi stands accused of leading 42 Bosniaks, including women and children, to a horrifying death on 14 June 1992: He, it is alleged, posed as a Red Cross worker and guaranteed Muslim civilians safe passage. Instead the family was robbed, humiliated and burned alive. There was a single survivor, an 11-year-old girl. This young woman is now ready to give evidence.

I am hoping that the book will focus directly on key issues such as empathy, guilt, collective and individual responsibility for war crimes and the impact of the passage of time on the need for punishment and retribution.

The second book is the follow up to The Siege by Helen Dunmore-The Betrayal. This book will provide the historical aspect of my summer reading although I am well aware that reading both books may be a little ambitious before the return to school.

Flora McCall, one of our Lower 6th students, asked for recommended reading from some of our KEHS staff for one of her articles in our school magazine; their suggested good reads can be found on page 9 of the last edition of High Profile.

We now have two very successful, well established reading groups at KEHS for our older girls (complemented by a creative writing and reading group for younger students) but I was interested to learn that that you can actually participate in online book discussions.Book Glutton-a social reading site sounds very intriguing particularly the fact that you can ‘create virtual groups to meet up inside a book. Have great discussions and chat inside any chapter!’ I wonder what people think about this type of reading club or if they have any experience of it?

Have you read any good books over the summer break? If so, do let us know.

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