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Really Useful Administration Tools

15 Aug Really Useful Administration Tools

Here are just a small number of really useful administration tools for teachers-all of which are free and available online.

Firstly this has proved to be a really effective PDF converter for web pages and articles Web2PDF. It seems to work well on all sites and is extremely quick and efficient in terms of download times.

Secondly I have found this next tool to be very handy-PDF to Word converter-as you might imagine it converts PDFs to word documents! I have found that it works with most PDFs but not with extremely large documents. I wanted, for example, to input text from our school prospectus into Wordle (and at the time I did not have access to the word version of the document). Unfortunately, in this instance, it did not convert the text to word but for most other documents it is very effective and is certainly proving to be a valuable administration tool.

Referencing and Citation

We provide all of our students at KEHS with an ‘Academic Handbook’ which includes a vital section on academic honesty. Within our booklet there is a section on referencing and citation methods. We encourage girls to use the Harvard referencing system and direct them to this very easy to use online referencing tool-Neil’s Toolbox. The site also has a handy plagiarism checker-Plagiarism Tester. I know that there are a number of tools on the market to detect plagiarism but I think it’s quite effective that the tool is on the same site where students may be checking that their citations are correct. One hopes that it will prevent anyone who may be tempted to indulge in plagiarism!!

A really detailed and excellent site for Harvard referencing is also available at the Anglia Ruskin University Library.

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