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Online Resources

10 Aug Online Resources

Over the last few weeks I have been investigating many of the free web materials that are available online, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favourite resources-many of these have become apparent through using Twitter which really is proving to be an excellent CPD tool.


1. Enrichment Resources for 6th Form Students

There are over 385 lecture courses at Open Culture. I am sure that our 6th form girls may very well find some of the materials informative, stimulating and excellent preparation for independent research activities. Girls may also benefit from dipping into the free online Yale Open resources. These are a series of introductory courses and study materials delivered and created by Yale University teachers and professors. The Open Learn section of the Open University is also an interesting site for enrichment development. Over the last academic year, Mr Kavanagh has been looking at a number of online sites and has been directing girls to the iTunesU site with its fantastic range of materials and courses from some of the top research universities in the world.

2. Online Tools to Support Learning

I think the Oxfam interactive resource-What A Global Food Crisis Looks Like  is an excellent tool for encouraging students to consider the impact of shifting food prices on different parts of the world. I think eSkeletons is great fun with some fantastic interactive graphics for learning about skeletal anatomy. Students are able to view the bones of primates and non primates and gather information from an osteology database. I also like this nice little reference tool from Wolfram Alpha it acts like a search engine and I am sure some of our younger students will find it helpful for research purposes. Visuwords is a lovely graphical dictionary that may appeal to our more visual learners. Gliffy is a free online tool that allows both teachers and students to create some pretty impressive flow charts, Venn diagrams and SWOT analysis diagrams. And for all those girls who miss deadlines for homework, essays and research assignments, RemindPost allows you to send direct emails to students setting a specfic task with a deadline-when the deadline arrives the student and the teacher receive an email reminder-so great for busy teachers and students!

3. Good History Online Resources 

I couldn’t finish this blog entry without making reference to my own teaching subject so here are just two historical online resources worth checking out. Younger girls may want to make use of this helpful online historical dictionary at History Today. There are also some interesting research papers at History and Policy which are written by academic experts and offer historical insights into current policy issues ranging from Iraq to ID cards and climate change to child maintenance.

This is the first of a series of posts on useful online resources which help to support teaching and learning.

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