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Jack’s adventure! (Or rather my Mother’s worst nightmare)

02 Aug Jack’s adventure! (Or rather my Mother’s worst nightmare)

One of the things I love most about the summer holidays is the opportunity it provides to spend more time with friends and family. I also love being able to lie in a little later than normal in the mornings and I enjoy being able to take life at a much more leisurely pace. It’s great to be able to go for a relaxed stroll with my dog; in fact at almost 14 years of age what more could you expect from my elderly, faithful friend. My blog this week is really, I suppose, a blog about disability.  You see Jack is now completely deaf. His lack of hearing has been developing gradually over the last 18 months and now he seems to exist in his own silent but contented world. Indeed he does seem very at ease with life and appears totally happy. He will still have his mad 5 minutes when he charges around the garden as if he were in training for the 100 metre sprint at the animal Olympics! Today however he gave my Mother a two hour fright that she hopes never to have to relive. The two of them had spent time in the garden- my Mum was collecting apples that had fallen from the trees in the light winds. When my Mother had finished Jack decided to stay in the garden on his own but after a while my Mother decided to bring him inside before he got too hot in the 25 degree heat. That’s when the adventure began or, from my Mother’s perspective, when the nightmare started because on her return to the garden Jack appeared to have completely disappeared! After much frantic searching he was still nowhere to be seen. Neighbours began searching in their gardens, some went out for walks in the village looking for him. In desperation my Mum called out his name-but there was only silence. It seemed like he had gone from us forever. After 2 hours my Mother felt she had done all that she could; Jack was lost and not coming back.

And then, you’ve guessed it, he appeared..he came out from under the duvet cover where he had been soundly sleeping and totally hidden from view, completely unaware of all the mayhem and worry that he had caused. I think my Mother will sleep very soundly in her bed tonight. Jack, on the other hand, will be up bright and early in the morning waiting for his breakfast and looking forward to his early morning walk. I am sure he will enjoy all the extra pats and strokes from well wishers. And my Mum-well she’s just happy that he never really went missing in the first place! And as for me I had popped into school to do some work, so I was completely unaware of the unfolding drama!


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