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High Profile

18 Jun High Profile

I am spending this weekend putting the last few final touches to the Summer 2011 edition of High Profile, this is KEHS’s feature length magazine produced by our 6th Form girls. Each edition has a particular theme-the last magazine focused on our links with the wider community and this time the girls have concentrated on writing a number of articles with a science and technology focus. All of the past editions of High Profile can be found by clicking here. The magazine is an excellent opportunity for girls to undertake research on individual areas of academic interest. This term the girls have written articles on organ donation, genetically modified crops and the development of the printing press. As with every summer edition there are also reviews of 2011’s dance, drama and musical productions. We also have some ‘guest’ contributors- these are often younger girls in the school as well members of staff. Mr Hammel has provided an article about the American education system whilst Laura Henderson has written about the Junior production and Lucy Kirk has described taking part in one of the school’s recent STEM conferences. High Profile wouldn’t be complete without the regular staff interview slot. In this edition we interview………..Actually I am going to leave that as a surprise for everyone.  Of course I have only given you a brief snapshot of what to expect in the forthcoming edition of High Profile which will be available to download from the school website on the 30th June. Finally I would just like to thank Mrs Rutter and Mrs Moule who always read through all of the articles before we go to print inserting commas and putting the occasionally misplaced apostrophe in the right place!

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