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Regional NQT Training Day

11 Jun Regional NQT Training Day

One of the lovely aspects of being involved in the training of newly qualified teachers is that it provides an opportunity to work with colleagues from a range of different schools. On Monday 6th June we were joined by over 50 NQTs from both secondary and preparatory schools from across the West Midlands. We always try to make the training sessions as practical as possible-on Monday there were workshops on ‘Web 2.0 Applications’, ‘Career Development’ and ‘Differentiation’; back in March we had a super Body Language workshop presented by Mike Carter. We are hoping that Mike will come and work with our own 6th Form girls delivering a similar workshop; and we even have plans for a Body Language workshop for our own KEHS staff!!
After each training session that we run for the NQTs we always ask for feedback in order to analyse what has worked well and if there are any training needs which our sessions haven’t met. This kind of approach is essential in order to ensure that we continue to deliver some of the best quality CPD in the Midlands. Very often at the end of the final training sessions NQTs will ask us if we can continue to offer INSET in their post NQT years. This is certainly something we would like to be able to do in the future.
This year one of the NQTs wrote to me after the final session and asked if she would be able to give something back to KEHS after such an excellent year working with us. She has offered to come and deliver a workshop to our next cohort of NQTs in 2011/2012 giving some much needed guidance and support to the teachers as they begin their career in teaching. I am sure our next cohort of NQTs will really value this input. I know that all of the NQTs enjoyed their day with us on Monday; I hope that some of them stay in contact with us and, perhaps most importantly, that they are able to stay in contact with each other over the next few years of their teaching careers. Good luck to them all and I do hope they enjoy what really is a fabulous and rewarding career.

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